Breathe Life
Empty to Receive
Affirm Creative Vision
Move With Energy
Open To Nurture
Reflection to Self-Transcend
Stabilize in your Core (SOLD)
Energize in Motion

Originals on Fibrous Translucent Parchment.

Frame with Fine Archival Protective Museum’s Glass.

24″ x 28″ US $5000

Prints can be ordered as Limited Editions Counts permit in Museums Quality.

Lim. Ed. Archival Prints: 16×16/$500 20×20/$550 24×24/$600 28×28/$650 32×32/700 36×36/$980

Bilder Geschichten

Water Moon

There are Bildungsromane, which in their German creative-writing category describe novels which fuse metaphor and narrative to educate the mind and heart. It is their intent to transform us into the newness and vibrancy we long for. It is in the spirit of this style of creative-story-making that my daily sketches and watercolour pieces emerge.

Source: Story Book


Spirit Walk
Mixed Media
On Large Canvas 48″x 48″ $3000
Acrylics and Mixed Media on Deep Canvas
30 x 24 $24000
Water: Exhale
Acrylic on Deep Canvas
24″ x 30″ $2000
People in Red
Acrylics and Mixed Media on Deep Canvas
24″ x 30″ $7000
Arbutus Paths In Motion
Acrylics on Deep Canvas 24″ x 30″ $1500
People in Green
Acrylics on Deep Canvas 30“x 24″ $3000
Purple Magnificence
Acrylics on Canvas Board 9“x 12“ $350
Cave People
Acrylics on Canvas 12″ x 16″ $3000
Soul Stir June 2021
Acrylics on Deep Canvas 30“x 24″ $6000
Silver in Red
8″x 10″ Acrylic on Canvas $600

Yellow Brick Road or Autobahn
12“ x 16″ Acrylic on Canvas $500
Journey Wheel 48″x 48″
Acrylics and Mixed Media on Round Wooden Canvas. Golden Painted Sides.

To draw or not to draw

Charcoal and Conte 8”x 10” on Paper (SOLD)
Charcoal and Conte 8”X10” on Paper (SOLD)
Charcoal and Graphite 8”X10” on Paper (SOLD)

These are the days to keep the eyes on the horizon. February 2021.

Storm Dancer, Tofino, Canada.
Watercolour On Fine Watercolour Paper 12.5″x 16.5″ Framed $350
“Sea Harmony”
Waterolour and Ink On Fine Watercolor Paper. 12.5″x 16.5″ Framed $350

Train flies through the Landscape or Der Zug fliegt durch die Landschaft.
Watercolour & Charcoal on Art Paper 12’x16′ $ Framed 350

SweetArt (SOLD)
Here is me Trusting You. Acrylics and Mixed Media on Canvas 16″x16″
From the Sweet Heart Biennale $250
“So What”
16″x 16″ Acrylics and Ink Transfer on Canvas $600

Art Works in Current Collections, 2021

Currently Showing in Private Collections

“Dancing Trees” Watercolour [In Impermanent Collection, Vancouver, B.C. Canada]
“Rock Woman” Water Colour [In Impermanent Collection, Vancouver, Canada]
“California Sunset” Watercolour [In Impermanent Collection, Canada]

Rental available upon inquiry. Artist keeps the right to sell the art works during the Impermanent Collection’s Period.

If sold, the artist will reimburse the client the remaining already paid prorated rental fees (of one year) after the date of sale. Clients receive a 10% Commission for Artworks which are sold while being shown in their Home Galleries. Art remains Copyright of Artist and part of the Artist’s Shows and Digital Galleries.

Amsterdam and San Francisco Series

Art Series created and shown during artist residence in the United States and Europe.

Acrylic on Canvas 48″x 24″ $24000

Click on image to see full view. Digital Copyrights‘ with the Artist. Size in Inches

Colours For creative Living: Enhance Life.

Windy Prairies City (SOLD)
Acrylic on Canvas 12“ X 16“ $1200

The very salmon I wrote about in my book, after its seven year-long cosmic journey in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, will return to their stream of origin, to spawn new life before exhaling their last breath. How awe-inspiring is that?

Here from the view of a bench, near the Bowen Island Causeway, I can see and hear the salmon jump the rocks today. It takes them some managing to get through under the bridge and up the uncomfortable way, leaping steps upstream ascending toward the waterfall. (Hauss, 2020)

Wood Born (SOLD)
Sweet Heart (SOLD)
Limited Edition Prints available as Functional Art Design through
Acrylics on Canvas 12″x16″ $4000

The ocean is my house. The forest my room.  (Hauss, Nomadic Studio, 2019)

Hyroglyph I
#1 of A Mixed Media Series Yet to Be Revealed Entitled “Sacred Carvings” Very Big, Surpasses Measuring Tape $2000
Acrylic On Canvas 18″x 14″ $700
West Coast Jazz Or Skylight Views
Acrylics on Deep Canvas 16 “x 16” $6000
“The Narrator”
Acylic On Canvas 24″x 30″ $24000
Polar Bears
Acrylic on Canvas,
Painted Sides. 12″x 16″
Harbour Sights and Sea
Pastel on Black Art Paper. 16″x 12″ Framed $375

8.Watercolour and Mixed Media

STEALING AWAY. Charcoal and Pastels on Art Paper 18″x 23″ $3000
Clawed Monet (SOLD)

Clown (SOLD)

Vancouver Island Shores (SOLD)
Colorado Lake (SOLD)
Mountain Lake SOLD
Coastal Sunset
Watercolor on Watercolor Paper Framed 11.5″x 13″ $280
Coastal Morning
Watercolor on Watercolor Paper Framed 11.5″x13″ $280
RUHE 28″x 20 (SOLD)

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