Booking Formats

“Rise to the Occasion of You.” (I.H. 2018)

The Installation Design can be facilitated, taught or exhibited for various levels of physical ability and adapted for youth, adults and elders as individuals or groups in the following formats:

Installation and Interactive Exhibit: The installation can be set up in a gallery-space or educational setting as exhibit for participants to experience without my facilitation.

Performance Pedagogy: The installation can be taught in the style of a performance-pedagogically informed course over a period of time. A highly innovative hybrid of spiritual formation, embodiment and creative learning. Mostly fitted for post-secondary education, it can be taught as a college course in form of an interdisciplinary programme in Arts Educational Settings.

Creative Journeys in Nature: Interactive performances sparking creativity through facilitation of participants’ engagement at select artistic installation sites. Especially fitting for the current time of the Corona Virus to keep education alive, safe for all and revivifying for mind and body inspired by the awe called forth in the mystery and wonder of nature.

Fee for Groups (6 or less): $200/hour + Materials and Set up.

Individualized Instruction – Personal Art Visualization:

Inquire about Private Courses and Inspirational Accompaniment through Art & Renewal. These are very special sessions which are individually and intuitively choreographed, designed and tailored for your specific needs and ablitiltes.

Apply for an initial assessment meeting on the Contact Sheet or via email to Let me know a little bit about who you are and what you are seeking from this course.

Fee for Individual Session: $100

Join your Creative Inner Self. Be who you Seek.

Art avaialble for sale at venues during all the formats listed above. To view my art, enter the gallery by clicking it on the menue.

A journey of discovery!

Expand into your creative wingspan.

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