Booking Format

Breathed (IH, 2019)

My Courses can be facilitated, taught or exhibited for various levels of physical ability and adapted for youth, adults and elders as individuals or groups in the following formats:

  • Exhibit: The installation can be set up in a gallery-space or educational setting as interactive exhibit for participants to experience without my direct facilitation.
  • Performance Pedagogy: This course can be taught remotely or in person in the style of performance-pedagogically informed and sequentially evolving teaching modules over a period of time. A highly innovative hybrid of leadership develoment, embodiment and creative learning for business, education, leadership formation and enhancing every day life through creative and physical renewal.
  • Creative Journeys in Nature: Interactive performances sparking creativity through facilitation of participants’ engagement at select natural locations. This course can also be taught remotely through my digital teaching series, which prompts course participants to enter into creatively inspired conversations with their own surrounding and natural settings. The series includes walking, gazing and engaging in physical and emotional self-care practices in nature. The classes foster safe creative encounters allowing for nature to inspire receptivity toward mystery, wonder and awe.
  • Individualized Instruction: Sessions are designed and choreographed for your specific needs in any of the formats (or other) listed above.

Fee for Individual Session: $100

Fee for Groups: $200/hour + Materials and Set up.

Find out more about recent course offerings for increased creativity and productivity in business and education by contacting me directly at or filling out the contact sheet on this site.

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