You are at the Entrance to your Creative Journey of Art & Renewal in Body and Mind. No prior experience needed, just a mug full of curiosity and a backpack full or empty with what ever it is you decide.

Where are you going?

On this site you can navigate your way along the menu-bars above to get from this page of initial welcome and overview to the gallery where images of the artist’s originals are exhibited. Onwards through the pages, you will find more information on Artrenewal’s vision, teaching and booking formats with fees and specifics. Then, most importantly, there is the contact page. There you are invited to share your inquiry and to let me know a litte bit more about yourself. You may wish to set up a private course or book a programme for you, your business, your school, community, or even your group of friends for a, yes, very special event.

The Art

Art contains Vision and Story. Painting is a dialogue with the colours & shapes emerging and revealing themselves in the creative process. For example, in this work, the figures in gold appeared, ascending, descending, waiting, awaiting. Are they joining us on the walk of life, en route toward renewal & belonging?

Artist and Educator

The artist Ingrid Annette Hauss (Masters in Arts Education) paints visionary images with words while simultaneously relating narrative through color and form on canvas and in performance. IH’s kinaesthetic and creative practice and teaching combine contemplative spirituality, somatic awareness, performance-pedagogy and creative expression.

The Adventure

Body, mind and soul form a union and can strengthen or balance each other in the interplay. This interplay is the starting point for the art and courses in Art & Renewal. The programme addresses the participants on multiple dimensions, in creativity, in movement and in their desire to grow, to change, or even to find liberation beyond formerly held limiting narratives. Course modules include art and writing combined with thematically meaningful embodied practices. The classes are designed for individuals and groups and adaptable to varied levels of ability. They include improvisational movement, stretching, revitalizing cardio-enhancing choreographies, structurally aligned core-rebuilding and strengthening exercises, muscular and fascial release methods fused with breathing awareness and the invitation to try out new ways to inspire and liberate creativity in everyday living. 

For more details on course modules and selection of themes contact Ingrid@ingridhauss.com

Lasting Connections

In addition to viewing images of the original artworks in the gallery of this website, find IH’s designs to bring renewal to your home and fashion on Artrenewal’s International Online-Store.